Download IID+ Datasheet


It integrates in a unique device several people identification methods, which include biometric technologies (iris, veins and facial recognition), electronic identification (Chip Card and RFID) and personal identification number (PIN).

ID+ implements staff timetable and access control for organizations.


Flexible, veins map recognition, iris recognition, RFID reader and optional chip card reader.

12V energized. It has an optional Power over Ethernet (PoE) module or battery.

Ethernet, WiFi (802.11b/g) or mobile network interfaces. (Optional)

Certified over standards EN 301 489-1, EN 301 489-3 (EMC),EN 302 291-2 (RF), EN 60950-1 A11 A1 (electric security) y EN 60529 (IP65).

Capacitive tactile screen (LCD 5.7’’) with anti-vandalic protection glass.

Protection level IP65 which makes it capable for outdoors and adverse weather conditions.

Download IRIS&GO Datasheet


Iris recognition system for security and access control. It implements IrisSHS algorithms for iris recognition which allow it to identify static users from two meters away. The response time for 1 to N comparisons is milliseconds with millions users databases.


1:N comparison over remote and local databases.

Other identification technologies combinations are possible.

Recognition distance: 2m

Eye-safe Infra-Red LEDs lighting system

Download AIRIM Datasheet


AIRIM – Long distance automatic in-motion user iris recognition. Users who are walking along a virtual corridor are identified without the need of stopping in front of the device. This device is specially designed for a fluent identification management in high security areas.


In-motion user identification.

1:N recognition over remote and local databases

Long distance recognition

2 seconds response with databases of 1 millions users.

Other identification technologies combinations are possible.